Lab Technician

  • EC2A1AJ, London, England, United Kingdom
  • Enzyme Engineering

We are looking for someone who is ready to help us solve hard and exciting problems as simply as possible.

You will have the opportunity to use equipment and methods that are unimaginable elsewhere. You will have a substantial sense of urgency around your work, doing whatever it takes to move at a speed commensurate with the time-sensitive nature of plastic pollution and climate change, and importantly, move faster than our competitors. Success here is building the solution to some of humanity’s greatest challenges without delay.

As a Laboratory Technician at Epoch you will:

Perform various laboratory-based tasks such as PCR, DNA preps, bacterial transformation, etc. You will also be responsible for keeping up-to-date and accurate safety documentation, maintenance of consumables stocks as well as equipment maintenance logistics. You will have the opportunity to use cutting edge equipment and techniques in a friendly, supportive and energetic environment. You will be involved in activities such as:

  • Maintaining the smooth running of the laboratory.
  • Develop optimised workflows and procedures to allow efficient R&D activities.
  • Perform routine laboratory activities such as colony PCR, Sanger sequencing, cloning, media and buffer preparation, etc.
  • Feed into the development of high throughput screening techniques.
  • Transfer of manual processes to high-end automation platforms and integrated workflows where needed.
  • Work together with other members of the team as well as other R&D teams including computational biologists, strain engineers and process engineers.
  • Help to build-out new experimental facilities in the laboratory to enable rapid generation and testing of enzymes.

Essential qualifications and experience

  • Strong technical background in molecular biology with excellent organisational skills.
  • Background in synthetic biology, microbiology, or similar field.
  • Min. 3 years relevant time spent in industry/academic with practical laboratory experience.
  • A careful approach to lab work with meticulous attention to detail with excellent sterile technique.
  • Experience of writing laboratory safety documentation.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, working across multiple projects/experiments simultaneously.

Icing on the cake

Experience of high value liquid handling or other automation platforms.

  • Experience of recombinant protein expression and purification.
  • Additional experience such as NGS, assay development/performance or other relevant techniques would be a bonus.

We encourage you to apply, even if you don’t tick every bullet point

The essential criteria above lists the very specific requirements we need at Epoch for this role to be successful.

The ‘cherries on the cake’ however, are welcome additions, nice to have elements thrown into a list.

We outline our roles by indicating the main responsibilities and the skills, knowledge and experience required. It is not intended to be a complete detailed account of all activities/undertakings involved.

Epoch is developing as a business, roles need to be flexible, and we are flexible too – except on the essential criteria.